June 21, 2022

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Block Retaining Wall and Best Ways to Build It

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Building a block retaining wall can provide the landscaping beautiful makeover with the addition of architectural beauty. We can use the space that will be made after the construction of the wall, as our flower bed. Building retainer can work as the best decision t make our outdoors shine.

Tools to be used in Block Retaining Wall

  • Drilling Hammer
  • Chisel
  • Shovel
  • Masonry Circular Saw Blade
  • Circular Saw
  • Materials to be used
  • Retaining wall block with interlocking facility
  • Paver Base
  • Constructive Adhesive
  • Gravel


Locking flange can help to get the accomplishment easily. Depending on the sizes of the block, the wall can be built at 36 or 24 height. One should follow the instructions of the block manufacturers for setting up the limitation of the height.

Planning the layout is very crucial which can help to avoid the downspouts and keep the mulch and soil properly with the siding. The marking of the area mostly depends on the design of the wall. To make the outline of the shape one may utilize a hose or rope. Now, to create the outline, a shovel can be used. To make our line straight, one may also utilize the full area with stakes, marking paint and string. Marking the curved corners will be effective to create a compass like thing that may help us to check the total length of the wall and give us an idea what will be the height of the block. To find out the exact number of the rows which are needed, one may divide the height of the block by making the first half of it buried under the soil.

Before buying the necessary materials, checking the local building codes are mandatory for the local homeowners. To avoid the restrictions, taking permit can be mandatory in some special regions. Something we must know about the retainers and those are written below.

Generally, blocks are very heavy and back supports are very necessary to keep it steady. Taking a helper will be a great choice to share the workload. The materials should be collected before the construction of the world.

We have to purchase 10% more blocks than our estimation as it will be needed for the replacements, cutting and the breakage of the blocks. For future repairs, we may find the extra materials helpful too.

Laying the blocks

Now we have to prepare the area where we want to make our retaining wall.

1. Preparation for foundation

Following the mark of the layout, the landscaper may now dig the trench to bury the first row in the halfway. He may dig the trench that can be deep in 4 to 6 inches and 12 inches in width. If it is twice the width of the block, you may get the best result. The homeowners have to be cautious and must call 811 to start the excavation procedures.

2. Building the retaining wall

At first, we have to build the first row of the block using a chisel and hammer so that we may get the placement flat. Working gloves and safety glasses are the first priority when we are going to sharpen the blocks with the chisel. After levelling the first block with the torpedo level, we may go for the others. Every time, a block is placed, the homeowner has to check the evenness with the first. After continuing the installation, the homeowners have to check periodically everything is placed properly or not.

To the bottom line, it can be said that during the construction of the block retaining wall one must be conscious of the proper measurement to make the wall sustainable for years after years.



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