June 28, 2022

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Steel Retaining Wall and the Benefits of Corten

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Steel Retaining Wall

When it comes to different types of retaining walls and retaining wall material, there are numerous options available for a consumer. From wood to metal, there is actually no limit for building such walls. If you are looking forward to building a retaining wall metallic type, you may consider Corten steel as the primary element. Today, we will discuss about the uses of steel retaining wall.

To know about Corten Steel and the benefits of using them for building those preserving walls, just follow along with this article.

What is Corten Steel Retaining Wall?

Corten steel is some kind of “weathering steel” which is formulated by converging a combination of alloys and steel. These elements blend easily as the upper side of the sheet to take a rusty look when becomes exposed to those elements. There is an oxidized coating located on the exterior and it is a self-protecting and protects the body from rust. No rust can penetrate deeper and damage the interior parts of the panels. Because of its rusty look, Corten steel is majorly utilized for different outdoor applications, construction projects, artistic sculpture, and landscape architecture.

Where to Use Corten Steel Preserving Wall

A retaining wall made of Corten steel can be used in a multitude of sectors and situations. They can act both as a garden design feature and a crucial pragmatic structure.

In steep and intensely sloped areas, a Corten steel preserving wall can be deployed to hold the pressure of the soil on the bias, keeping it protected and safely in its place.

This can only be done by placing some panels along the base of the steeply sloped region, or for a better result, the steel bolster can be tiered in different horizontal parts down the slope.

Retaining walls are also deployed for protecting the base of the properties built on the hill areas. Sliding hills and steep slopes are vulnerable to vigorous and even mid-level erosion. It means the soil can either be washed away from a downslope foundation or else various compacted around an upslope or uphill foundation.

Benefits of Corten Steel Walls

Other than the aesthetic features, a Corten steel wall has different more advantages, like:

  • Turning sloped land into usable land. Retaining walls offer people to create regions of levelled surface amidst sloping hills. This is beneficial to both farmers and homeowners, who have their lands in hill areas.
  • Assisting to manipulate water runoff. Methodically located walls can redirect the rainwater flow, keeping the land safe from oversaturation and excessive flooding.
  • Corten steel is one of the most straight forward and easy material to recycle. So, they are highly environment friendly.
  • It is so much easier to erect a metal retaining wall than it is to create other types of walls.
  • They are suitable for any type of soil.
  • They are excessively durable and sturdy. So, using them will ensure much more longevity than usual.
  • These types of walls can take the pressure and so, can hold more load from the moment of their instalment.

If you consider the different benefits and advantages of using Corten steel as the prime element of your retaining wall, you find a few other more suitable substitutes.



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